Hands off WordPress Migration Service

WordPress Migration Service

Sherpa does WordPress migration.  We can help you migrate your existing wordpress.org website, or a WordPress site hosted anywhere, to a new hosting provider. 

Sherpa recommends exclusively WP Engine hosting to run your WordPress website. We have found them to be the absolute best WordPress hosting at a reasonable monthly cost.

It’s this Simple

We handle your entire site migration – all you need to do is a handful of small steps and provide Sherpa access to your WordPress install.

Sign up for WP Engine Hosting
Give us access to your site
Relax while Sherpa migrates your site

Migration Step 1 – Hosting

We’ll have you sign up for Hosting at WPEngine. Sherpa can help you decide which package is right for your migration. Often their base $29/month package is perfect for most sites. We do not own or control you hosting account so there are no ties to Sherpa if you choose not to work with us for any reason thereafter!

Migration Step 2 – Admin

Provide us with admin access to your WordPress installation so we can begin the migration process from your existing web host to WP Engine.

Migration Step 3 – Relax

Well, you can at least. While you are sitting back drinking a piña colada we will be hard at work migration your site.

What’s the catch?

None really, if you have a simple setup. There are some things that the base $200 migration does not include:

1) Migrating more than one WordPress sites.
2) Migrating or setting up email.
3) Migrating or setting up any external applications that tie to WordPress. but are not built in or plugins.

Now, we are absolutely capable and willing to migrate larger and more complex WordPress sites! Just contact us to discuss the details so we can get you a cost.

Only the Best Hosting. Affordably.

Fast Hosting

Many WordPress migration start with a desire for a faster website. WP Engine hosting has been tuned for absolute WordPress performance out of the box. No additional work is necessary for a fast site.


WP Engine hosting is the perfect place to migrate your WordPress install to as they are WordPress security experts.


Another reason to migrate your WordPress site is for backup and redundancy. WP Engine takes automatic daily backups that are as easy as a single click to restore if an issue should arise with your site.


WP Engine hosting packages start at $29/month.

Bang for the buck, if you want to migrate your WordPress site, this is the best deal Sherpa has seen out there.

wordpress migration service

Site MigrationMost Popular

$ 200

per installMigrate your WordPress site to a WP Engine hosting service. Excludes email migration.

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