Trust your Sherpa when it comes to recommendations for the best WordPress hosting providers – we deal with wordpress all day every day and have seen what web hosts WordPress works well on and doesn’t work well on.

I have seen slow WordPress sites on expensive ($150/mo!) hosting plans, with every performance addition thrown at them, that loaded very slowly. These same sites moved onto a good host, sometimes for a fraction of the cost ($29/mo on average) load twice as good. That is a testament to a good host in my opinion. Without further delay, your best wordpress hosting providers:

#1 The BEST WordPress Hosting Provider- WP Engine

While as only of last year I started using WP Engine as a hosting provider, In my experience with hosts over the years, they are top notch. Cream of the Crop. Best of the best. Even better is they are really affordable.

Why WP Engine as your best Hosting Provider?


By far out the the box WP Engine is the fastest web host I have used. Their environment is tuned for WordPress. In doing so there is no need to mess with cumbersome caching and performance plugins that tend to break sites and make them act funny. Who can complain about that?


Every hosting account comes with automatic backups which is a delight. There are plenty of backup plugins but they make large site sizes which becomes problematic when moving the site to a new hosting provider. Sometimes they even fail to run their automatic backup and the next thing you know you need to revert a site back and there is no current
backup. The automatic backups are key to being the best WordPress hosting provider. It is that simple.


Technical support with your hosting provider can be the largest blessing. WP Engine has fantastic technical support and it is worth noting here that most hosting providers don’t. There is only one other hosting company I have used with tech support as good as WP Engine (I’ll mention them next).

(Relatively) Low Cost

While WP Engine is not your $7/month super duper cheep hosting, it is still affordable, with personal WordPress hosting plans starting at $29/month as of this writing. For any legitimate business looking for WordPress hosting that is completely affordable. For what you get this is an amazing value.

Nearly One Click Migration

Another deciding factor to call WP Engine the best WordPress hosting provider was their migration tool. Their migration plugin tool makes moving from your existing web host to their hosting very easy and quick. Just fill in a few details, click, and the tool does everything for you.

Who Are The Other Best WordPress Hosting Providers?

The only other hosting provider I will mention here as a kinda but not really close second – Media Temple. All the others? Godaddy? Rackspace? Bluehost? Forget about them they are not your best hosting solution for WordPress. I’m not even going to provide links to their sites for you.

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