about me

Thanks for stopping by. Im Bret Glassett. Okay, so I'm sure by now you get that I code, design and build websites and specialize in Wordpress, Magento and Drupal platforms for both CMS's, blogs and e-commerce, so on and so forth. That's not what this page is about, so I'm going to let you in on who I am, as a person and what I do.

my story

a camera

It all started with a camera actually. I picked up a camera and thought "I want to go to art school"! So I did. Oddly enough, while studying for my bachelor's in fine arts I became increasingly interested in design. I stayed up 'till the wee hours of the night practicing design and making art.

a designer i was

Hard work paid off - before having my degree, not only was I a conceptual fine artist, I was a salaried designer for a firm in Denver. Time passed and I made my way to be a senior web designer.

code sponge

Design became dull so I started coding HTML/CSS, then PHP, then javascript… you get the idea. From there I was like a code sponge and focused on learning how to code my designs into functioning web sites.

the firms

Over the years I have worked at a number of the well known firms in the Denver/Boulder region - gaining experience and knowledge as a developer. Check out my resume site for more info on which firms.

new path

I decided I wanted to be a small one man shop, so I gracefully left the firm. Twenty-four hours later I had my first two clients.

freelancer i am

Today, I am an established freelancer, with the experience of a designer or developer from a firm. I wouldn't trade my position or my freelance business for anything.