WordPress Plugin Development

Your WordPress Plugin Developer. In some cases where clients require functionality that doesn’t exist in WordPress or in any available plugin, Sherpa is able to build you a custom plugin that will add the required features onto your WordPress website.

WordPress Sherpa can develop a custom plugin for your website to fill any gap in features that your WordPress website has. We can also modify or customize existing WordPress plugins to add features that you are wanting for your website.

As a Plugin Developer, we are able to make about any feature request possible on your WordPress website. Do you want to add user records to a plugin that doesn’t have this feature? No problem! Do you wish your WordPress site did X, Y or Z? Sherpa can build it.

WordPress plugins are how you add features to a basic WordPress installation as out of the box WordPress is only a basic blog and brochure style website builder. However, the available plugins are numerous to add features such as message boards, Instagram feeds or e-commerce. Sometimes to full fill a clients website needs we have to modify these plugins by customizing the code or developing plugin code to go with the acquired plugin. Other instances it is less work to create a new plugin to accomplish the goal for the website feature.

We assess the cost vs time aspect of using existing plugins versus developing a custom plugin in every instance and offer both options to clients. Sometimes it is more important to get 90% of the features for a fraction of the cost and other times it is most important to get 100% of the features requested on a wordpress site and we will develop custom plugins to get the job done.

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