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Need A Custom Theme?

Look no further – Sherpa can develop your custom WordPress Theme is an little as 60 days.

Some companies or individuals need a theme design specific to their brand or needs that is build from scratch. Sherpa can design your new custom theme or we can work from client provided designs.

Wordpress Theme Developer Purchased

Help with Purchased Theme

Need a Theme installed? Modified? We can get to it done in less than a week in most cases.

With the rise in quality of purchased WordPress themes they are a perfect option for many smaller businesses and individuals – they provide high quality sites at a low cost with a minimal time investment. We can help you with your pre-purchased theme.

You want to look good online.

-Pixel Perfect WordPress Themes-

It is that simple, there are so many website on the internet that you need to be one of the best.

New Wordpress site

On a subconscious level your users will notice that your site is pixel perfect and this will result in better user conversions, sales and contacts for your site.

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Wordpress Sherpa, your Freelance WordPress Theme Developer, is steeped in helping clients build out their websites. Let us help YOU!

Let’s Start Your Project Today Yes, Yes, Yes.

You: I want to know more about Sherpa’s Theme Development Service.

Sherpa: Of course, here are some details.

Responsive Themes

Mobile Ready

Your Freelance WordPress Theme Developer here to tell you about responsiveness – it is a necessity. EVERY website needs to be responsive, or mobile friendly, both for your users and your Google search engine ranking. A responsive site converts better and ranks better. That is obviously helpful to you, you savvy person you. All of our themes we develop, if custom, are fully responsive. Any purchased themes we alter are tested to ensure the work on the theme is also responsive.

Optimized Themes

Speed, SEO and More

Your website theme needs to be optimized – your users want quick loading times and so does google. Sherpa has been developing wordpress themes for so long now that we just now how to build an optimized theme right out of the gate. We code for loading times, Search Engine Optimization and general code compatibility. An optimized theme is your best friend that you never knew. Of course, our job is to know the nitty gritty and your job is to sit back and enjoy your optimized theme.

Quality Design

Looks do Matter

A WordPress Theme HAS to look good – it is as simple as that. Your website needs to stick out above and beyond all the others and a slick design is apart of that. Better designs convert better and of course that is what we want. Sherpa builds clean sites and yours too will be as clean as it can be. Trust us your users will appreciate it. Nice spacing, good content formatting, proper colors, type that is easy to read improves a websites online presence.